One of the most common and destructive forces around your home is water. It sounds strange, but if left to pool and stagnate around your home, it can cause a wide range of issues. This includes negatively impacting your foundation. Ensuring adequate drainage is the best way to avoid some real negative repercussions on your home and foundation. These are problems you truly want to avoid, trust us. Our experience and know how means we have all the drainage correction solutions that you will require. This comprehensive range of solutions and know how makes us the best foundation repair company. You can always rely on us.

What is Draining Correction?

So, what is drainage correction? Simply, this is a process of ensuring that any water, from any source, is drawn away from your home and not allowed to pool in and around your foundation, especially if your foundation is a concrete slab. This is an important thing to ensure for a whole host of reasons. We provide a range drainage correction solution for your home and foundation. So there’s no reason why you need to let this problem affect or impact your foundation in anyway. Our range of solutions are comprehensive and straightforward.

Why Is Drainage Important?

Water can be very damaging to your foundation if it’s allowed to pool can’t drain away from the base of your home. This is the main reason that drainage is so important. Water can be damaging in so many different ways, and you’ll find it’s certainly in your best interest to ensure all water is being drained away from your foundation. That’s where we can help you, we are the foundation repair experts who offer drain correction and can help you avoid a range of damage from impacting your foundation and home.

Serious Problems

Water pooling around the base of your home, and seeping into your foundation, sometime caused by leaking pipes within the foundation, can cause some serious damage if you let it. One of the major issues you might encounter without correct drainage is that the soil underneath your concrete slab can shift or swell. This can result in cracks in your foundation, perhaps as a result of excessive settling. This could ultimately impact structural integrity of your entire home. Sounds pretty serious, right? This is a major part of the reason why ensuring adequate drainage around the base of your home is important, even if you have waterproofed it.


So what is the solution to this and the range of other problems water can cause? Well, it depends on your property and circumstance. If your yard slopes away from your home, the natural terrain can potentially be a part of the solution and help ensure adequate drainage. If not, then perhaps you need a drainage system designed to compensate for this, one of the most common forms being what is called a French Drain. Our foundation repair methods include a range of solutions to any drainage issues that you might have around your foundation.