Water can have a real impact on the overall health of your foundation, and especially when it comes to your concrete slab. As part of their design, a number of pipes are often installed underneath your concrete slab. This can become a real issue if they become damaged and begin to leak. This is because is can not only be difficult to repair, but the leaking water can have a range of negative impacts and could ultimately cause damage to your foundation, and by extension your home.

Pipe Leaks

One of the more common problems that you might find you encounter when it comes to plumbing and your foundation, is pipes leaking beneath your concrete slab. This is something you want to avoid for a range of reasons, but mostly because of the potential result for serious damage. This can allow water to get directly into your slab and home, resulting in a range of water damage in a range of places. Ensuring a leaking pipe in your slab is dealt with quickly is of great importance to avoid some very serious problems occurring with your concrete slab foundation.

Signs You Might Have A Problem

Knowing that you are even experiencing any issues with the plumbing in your concrete slab can be difficult. You have to keep an eye out for warning signs to know when you need to act. Perhaps the most common one is you might begin to notice water appearing on the floor for no apparent reason. Mold and mildew might also be a sign there’s a problem, as they require excessive moisture to grow. This combined with an unusually high-water bill, might tell you that’s something’s amiss.

Cause Cracks and Stress

Water slowly seeping into the soil and your foundation has the potential to cause cracks and stress for your foundation. This is because water can contract and expand the soil under your foundation, as it dries out and becomes moist again. This can create a bugle beneath your foundation, thus why cracks appear, and your foundation becomes stressed. If you notice a foundation crack, it could be a result of a water leaking into your foundation from a damaged pipe. We are the foundation repair contractor who can help you repair both the plumbing issues and cracks caused by roots, you are experiencing


Repairing a leaking pipe in your concrete slab foundation is a difficult job, which requires a real range of skills and professional knowledge. This includes using the right tools to not only access the damaged pipe, but also to find out where the damage has occurred. The last thing you want is something blindly tearing up your concrete slab simply hoping to find the source of the problem. We are the foundation repair specialists with all the right know how and knowledge for this job. This difficult job isn’t a problem for us, you don’t need to worry.