Trees roots are another, unseen, threat that can impact your home and foundation. We know this is probably the last thing you want, given all the other things you already have to deal with when it comes to your foundation. We have the solution to this problem though. We can install a tree root barrier in your yard, a common method that is used to prevent tree roots from growing to close to your home and foundation, where they can cause problems, at least problems with the soil. Tree root barriers are just another of our foundation repair methods.

Protecting Your Foundation from Roots

Although many people often think that roots can impact and damage the foundation of your home, this isn’t technically true. It’s more the impact that the tree roots can have on the environment around your foundation that can cause a lot of the issues. So it’s still important to ensure that tree roots don’t grow too close to your foundation. This is something that we can help you achieve, to ensure you can avoid any undue and difficult to detect problems occurring with your foundations.

Root Barrier

As part of the solution to ensure that trees roots don’t grow too close to your foundation, our foundation repair team can install a set of tree root barriers in your yard, around your foundation and home. This process is accomplished by digging a series of trenches around your home, into which a specially designed, impregnable material is inserted. This material prevents tree roots from growing in the direction of your foundation, whilst not impact the health or roots of the tree. Tree root barriers is just another part of our range of foundation repair services.


The major way in which trees roots can impact and cause damage to your foundation is by impacting the soil. In dryer weather, the soil around your home dries out, expect the moisture underneath your foundation. Tree roots can be drawn to this moisture, and can draw it away, causing the soil to shrink and contract. This can cause a range of issues for your foundation, including some serious damage. This is all of course depending on the type of soil you have, but if you think this might be a problem at your home, we have the solution you need.

Peace of Mind

Between leaking pipes underneath your concrete slab, settling damage and water damage, there are a lot of unseen threats that can impact your foundation and cause serious and expensive damage. This can really be stressful to think about, made worse by the fact they could be occurring without you even knowing it. Having a tree root barrier installed means you can be sure that at least one of these unseen threats isn’t going to affect you. This can give you some much needed peace of mind. Make sure that you take the steps that you can to ensure this problem doesn’t suddenly impact your home. Schedule your free inspection today!