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The foundation of your home, whether it’s a concrete slab or pier and beam foundation, is something that we give very little thought for something so important. If damaged, or otherwise compromised, your foundation could have a serious impact of the structural integrity of your home.

This can be somewhat problematic when you consider that there are a range of problems, many of which can go unseen until it’s too late, that can cause damage to your foundation. Don’t worry, though. We provide a range of foundation repair services, including free inspection, to manage and repair any damage your foundation experiences.

About Us

The true scale of problems your foundation can cause your home if it’s not properly maintained, or repaired when needed, should not be underestimated. It’s our overriding aim and goal to ensure at these foundation problems never impact your home. We provide the foundation repair contractors that you need to help you repair and maintain your foundation and avoid any disasters at your home. We regularly receive the best foundation repair reviews for professionalism and dedication, along with our effort to keep our foundation repair cost at an affordable rate. You can see for yourself by contacting us when you need help.

We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
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​So how much does foundation repair cost? This is probably the wrong question to be asking. You should properly be considering how much money foundation repair could save you, because this is what our range of services, designed to fix foundation problems, do, and not just because of our reasonable prices. Unattended to foundation damage can result in worse, and seriously expensive, problems. Our foundation repair experts can ensure you avoid can this and we offer a wide range of repair services. Including Structural damage repair, house levelling, foundation levelling and a whole lot more.


A concrete slab is one of the most common forms of foundations today and has been for decades. Although tough and durable, your concrete slab can also experience a range of damages, that could ultimately seriously effect your home. This can include cracks and settlement. We provide concrete slab repair for cracked concrete, as well as settlement repair. Settlement can be quite a major issue. So how much does foundation settlement repair cost? Far less than if you let problem go unrepaired.


Although not as common as concrete slab foundations, pier and beam foundations, and the similar block and base foundations, can still be found in some homes. This means no matter the type of foundation your home is built on, you can still get professional repair and help if you have a problem. We provide a wide range of repair services, including preventative maintenance for pier and beam foundations, which can be the best way to get on top of a range of problems, including mold and mildew growth.


Water can cause serious issues for your foundation if it isn’t sufficiently drained and drawn away from it. Water can have a negative effect on the soil, and your foundation as a result. Excessive moisture can cause the soil underneath your concrete slab to shift and swell, this movement can begin to cause cracks and stress for your concrete slab. Our foundation repair specialists can help you to ensure that there is adequate drainage around your property, whether by installing a drainage system or using the natural shape of your yard, to prevent any problems.


Another often unseen issue that can affect your concrete slab and foundation is plumbing. In many cases, a number of pipes run underneath your concrete slab. For a range of reasons, they can become damaged and begin to leak. This water seeping into the soil, or your foundation, isn’t good for its overall health and can cause problems. If you notice a foundation crack in your concrete slab, this might be because you have a leaking pipe. This is a difficult thing to repair, but nothing is beyond our foundation repair team.


As if there weren’t enough unseen threats to your foundations, tree roots can also cause your home problems. Trees roots don’t directly affect your foundation, as many think, but instead impact the soil around it. Either way, having them growing too close to your home isn’t a good idea. We can prevent this by installing a tree root barrier, one of our many foundation repair methods. It’s this extensive range of methods that makes us the best foundation repair company.


It can be unsettling to think of all the issues that could be affecting your foundation unseen, not showing any obvious signs until it’s too late. Put you mind at ease with a free inspection. Our professional and expert team know all the signs to look for, like settling problems, and all the right places to look for them. Our foundation inspection can put your mind at ease, confirms any suspicions you might have, or help you get on top of any issues that you might have been found. So when you need a free inspection, you on longer need to search “Foundation companies near me.”

“Euless Foundation Repair installed a tree root barrier in our yard after it was discovered some trees roots were causing our foundation problems. They did everything in a flash and were really professional.” May. D

“Euless Foundation Repair conducted a free inspection in our home. They discovered we actually had some water damage that we weren’t aware of. They fixed it all up. They were amazing.” Owen. K

“We got Euless Foundation Repair to repair some cracks that we found in our concrete foundation slab. They were to great to deal with and took care of everything without any fuss.” Michael. S


​Your foundation is one the most important, if unrecognised and unnoticed, parts of your home. It can have some serious consequences if it becomes damaged. You should always quickly get on top of any foundation damage that your home experiences. You can contact our team of foundation repair experts as soon as you need help.